Strategic Alliances
Central, South East & Eastern Europe (CSEEE)

F. Juergen Moy

- Communications Consultant,

  Alliances Manager and

  Community Manager
  - Technical & Commercial

     Evangelist - Cloud and Data

Greinwaldstrasse 13

D-82327 Tutzing am Starnberger See (Munich)



+49 (162) 701 6087




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Communications Management

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MOYCOM.DE Communications Management Services
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MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE offers:

Professional Marketing Communications Mangement, Multi-Channel Marketing and Cross-Media Marketing Management = Full-Service Advertising Management

  • for Market Launch, Go-to-Market Campaigns and Proactive Lead Generation
  • with Full-Service NewMedia/eBusiness Consulting, Production, Project & Account-Management



What is Communications Management?

Duration: 2:25


What are the instruments of Marketing  Communications Management? 


What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Duration: 4:07  


What is Cross-Media Marketing (Advertising)?

Duration: 6:30 


What is an Advertising Campaign?

Duration: 9:06


What is a Brand Ambassador?

Duration: 2:41  


What is Global Marketing?

Duration: 4:04



Working Examples 


MOYPPS.DE Graphic Design: Microsoft Key Visual
Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite (Graphics)



MOYPPS.DE PowerPoint Demo-Reel 2009: Self-Presentation
Duration: 8:20 (video with sound)

MOYPPS.DE Demo-Reel 2009.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [8.2 MB]



MOYPPS.DE POS/POI-Kiosksystem-Demo: 25 Jahre Audi quattro
Duration: 3:11 (video with sound)

MOYPPS.DE 25 Jahre Audi quatro.mp4
MP3-Audiodatei [2.6 MB]


MOYPPS.DE POS/POI-Kiosksystem: Bayer HealthCare "Alacare"
Duration: 5:00 (complete PowerPoint screen-presentation with sound)

MOYPPS.DE Bayer Healthcare Alacare.pptx
Microsoft Power Point-Präsentation [78.8 MB]
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