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Alliances Management

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MOYCOM.DE Alliances Management Services
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MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE offers:

International Alliances Management, Business Relationship Management and Public Communications Management

  • for Development of Communication Strategies and Relationship Management 
  • with Microsoft & SAP and Opinion-Lead Networking (Top-Experts, Partners & Customers)



What is Alliance?

Duration: 3:04


What is Relationship Marketing?

Duration: 2:21




MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE Service Description


International Alliances Management with a focus on distribution partners in key positions and alliance/cooperation relations to pro-actively and aggressively drive sales of products and services of the client in the fields of Cloud, Mobile & OnPrem Solutions with network policy to generate, enable and implement new sales and distribution channels.



MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE Service Base


  • Proven track record with leading players in the target channel, proven sales-ability, vision ability and patience to successfully support the company on the road to exponential growth in the coming years

  • Energy, motivation and strong focus on results

  • Use of the entire strategic and tactical marketing tools

  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit: self-motivation and enthusiasm

  • Team spirit: easy integration in sales teams

  • Development and implementation of partner business plans

  • Willingness to travel to distributors for personal contact meetings and presence at events for representation and presentation



MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE Responsibilities and Tasks


  • Support of sales teams with search, identification, recruitment, negotiation and supervision of new channel partners; base case: comprehensive understanding of the partner channel in order to enable a proper inclusion, integration and previously predictable success in sales level
  • Recruiting of new channel partners: selection profiling process (target selection process), initiation and implementation of on-boarding processes (inclusion integration processes) including partner contracting (contract negotiation and settlement) and subsequent professional administration (CRM system data administration)
  • On-boarding of channel partners: Fastest possible action plan generation for preparing partners for the productive use of technology and sales after conclusion
  • Activation of channel partners: creation and initiation of activation processes based on automation and repeatability
  • Assume responsibility for all development and activation activities of channel partners (distribution, procurement, supply, ordering, renewal and service)
  • Management of channel partners: initiation and formation of sales teams of customers and regular partners to a "highly profitable" business with alliance management as an integral part of an overall business strategy
  • Assumption of responsibility for ensuring a strong partner relationship with the conduct of successful action programs with channel partners in close cooperation with the marketing and sales teams with professional partner alliance management
  • Achievement of development and sales targets: management of partnership agreements, target sales negotiations, ensuring minimum standards and performance levels
  • Preparation, implementation and processing of business plans with the channel partners to build and maintain a high awareness of the channel partner organization, including the operational (executive) business as a value-added solution
  • Ensuring the accuracy of partner information in CRM systems
  • Practical implementation of partner management and team-work
  • Quick and efficient solution of 'partner-customer' and 'partner-partner' conflicts
  • Voice of partners with regard to all customer concerns
  • Development and implementation of an effective quarterly spatial channel area plan (channel territory plan)
  • Training of partners in selling products and services of the customer
  • Agreement and participation in conference calls (telephone / online) and personal meetings for the purpose of get-to-know meetings, company and product presentations, follow-ups, sales, pre project, interim project and final project talks
  • Planning, Organization and implementation of webcasts, trade fairs and events with moderation and presentation
  • Press and PR Management
  • Language Localization Organization



MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE Experiences and Capabilities


  • Extensive professional experiences in distribution channels with customers, partners, software vendors and service providers: channel structure development, activation, use, care and control
  • Comprehensive interdisciplinary technology solution provider experiences (including relationship networking, software solutions, infrastructures, security, cloud and industries) for sales in the channel space
  • Proven success stories for establishment and implementation of strategies to 'Best-in-Class' channel partner results based on quantitative and qualitative assessments of market opportunities
  • Capability to build co-operation relations and interdisciplinary functional impact tools; coordination and implementation of executive sales meetings and preparation of quarterly business plans
  • Pronounced natural relationship skills, perseverance, resilience with 'good soft skills' (social skills) and sovereign presentation, negotiation and moderation skills
  • Strong organizational skills in the fields of multi-tasking, task priority and time management
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