Strategic Alliances
Central, South East & Eastern Europe (CSEEE)

F. Juergen Moy

Corporate Alliances Manager & Communications Consultant

Technical & Commercial Evangelist - Microsoft Cloud (Private, Public, Hybrid &  Multi) and Date Science (IoT, AI)

Official Spokesman of Azure Community Deutschland (ACD) - Alles zum Thema Cloud Computing in DACH

Greinwaldstrasse 13

D-82327 Tutzing am Starnberger See / Munich



+49 (162) 701 6087





+49 (3212) 141 0813

About MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE




MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances Central, Southeast and Eastern Europe (CSEEE) with F. Juergen Moy being Corporate Alliances Manager & Communications Consultant for DACH (Deutschland, Austria, Confoederatio Helvetica), CEE (Central East Europe / Balkan States) & CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States / Russian States) as well as being Official Spokesman of Azure Community Deutschland (ACD) and Microsoft Technical & Commercial Evangelist - Cloud and Data Science


supports IT companies and top IT professionals in the fields of Microsoft and SAP software technologies


with partner alliances, customer business relationship and communications management, cloud strategy development and interoperability and customer immersion experience (CIE) solutions,  program planning and implementation as well as top-expert networking

  • for company, product & service market-launch in DACH & EMEA
  • for branding, visibility and lead generation
  • for proactive business development, business communication optimization, lead generation
  • to achieve strategically set market goals


  • with business development strategy development and customer loyalty program consulting
  • with partner alliance management, customer business relationship management and company communication optimization, consulting, planning and implementation
  • with company representation, product presentation and pre-sales consulting

on request also with Multi-Channel Marketing & Cross-Media Advertising, full-service management (consulting, media planning, development, production, implementation, account and project management), in direct cooperation with affiliate company MOYPPS.DE eCommunications DACH,
with F. Juergen Moy being Principal Consultant Multi-Channel Marketing & Cross-Media Advertising (NewMedia/eBusiness Communications Management)


  • for full-service marketing & advertising communications management
  • for multi-channel marketing planning and cross-media implementation, collateral production, language localization, newsletter & social media campaign as well as microsite and trade fair & event, press & PR management


  • with e-media, e-print, social media, trade fair & event organization, press & PR-release consulting, action planning, conception & creation, design, organization & production, project & account management and full-service realization.




MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances
Central, South East & Eastern Europe (CSEEE)

Alliances Management & Communications Consulting


  • Microsoft & SAP Relationship Management, Top-Expert Networking and Communications Management
  • Strategies & Solutions, Cloud, Mobile & OnPrem, Interoperability, IoT and AI
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & XING), Press&PR, TradeFair&Event 
  • Presales-Consulting, Representation & Presentation and Moderation

MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE is specialized on alliances & communications, international relationship management, Microsoft and SAP software technology communications management (Cloud, Mobile & OnPrem, Interoperability, IoT and AI), and strategy & solution development & execution, and top-expert-networking

  • for development, optimization and achieving of set strategic business objectives of IT-companies and IT-experts
  • for lead generation and customer loyalty program development and execution
  • for company, product and service branding, market launch and visibility creation
  • with top-expert networking and communications management strategies & solutions
  • with consulting, representation and presentation.

MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE is affiliate company of MOYPPS.DE eCommunications DACH. 





MOYPPS.DE eCommunications Deutschland, Austria & Confoederatio Helvetica (DACH)

Multi-Channel Marketing & Cross-Media Advertising



  • NewMedia/eBusiness Communications, Stategies & Solutions
  • Launch, Go-to-Market and Lead Generation
  • Newsletter Mailing, Social Media and Campaign Management
  • Full-Service-Management: Consulting, Planning, Conception, Design, Layout, Production, Presentation, Organization & Execution, Project & Account Management


MOYPPS.DE eCommunications DACH is specialized on Multi-Channel Marketing & Cross-Media Advertising (NewMedia/eBusiness) strategies and solutions on the Microsoft & Adobe Platform.


MOYPPS.DE eCommunications DACH is official Microsoft Office Market Place Partner since 2003.


MOYPPS.DE eCommunications DACH is affiliate company of MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE. 





About F. Juergen Moy:


F. Juergen Moy is Corporate Alliances Manager & Communications Consultant with MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE and responsible
for the regions of DACH, CEE (Central Eastern Europe / Balkan States) & CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States / Russian States).


Since 2010 he supports IT-companies and IT-experts with strategies & solutions for partner & customer business relationship and communications management with his MOYCOM.DE Strategic Alliances CSEEE.



F. Juergen Moy is also Principal Consultant Multi-Channel Marketing & Cross-Media Advertising (NewMedia/eBusiness Communications) with MOYPPS.DE eCommunications DACH.


And since 2003 he supports customers across all industries in corporate, marketing and advertising communications issues with his MOYPPS.DE eCommunications DACH.




His reputation:

  • Satisfied customers
  • More than 300 successfully completed projects.
  • Appointment as Technical & Commercial Evangelist - Cloud and Data Science by the Germany Lead of the Microsoft Azure Business Team in 2018
  • International recognition of IT Opinion leaders as an expert in strategic IT alliances, IT networking and IT enterprise, marketing & advertising communications due to numerous successful campaigns, market launches, trade shows & events 

His current topics:

Microsoft & SAP Alliances Management Strategies, Cloud Technology (Public, Private, Hybrid & Multi) and Interoperability Solutions, IoT & AI, Top Expert Networking & NewMedia / eBusiness Communication for Visibility & Branding Generation, Brand & Product Launch and Lead Generation in the Business Area Microsoft & SAP, Cloud, Mobile & OnPrem Business Development


His passion:
Strategic alliance, interoperability & networking management with corporate, marketing & advertising communications for connecting Microsoft & SAP, customers, partners & top expert networks, global marketing strategies & technical key solution stack solutions, Microsoft Partner Network & SAP Community Network, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) & SAP Mentors/Insiders with marketing & advertising communications, alliance management, interoperability, customer immersion experiences (CIE) and best practice strategies and solutions.


His strategic alliances mission:
Supporting global (75%), mid (20%) and small (5%) sized IT companies and experts - currently focus on Microsoft & SAP, their headquarters, their customers & partners, their partner companies (service provider/SP, value added reseller/VAR, independent software vendors/ISVs), their technical solution professionals/TSPs and their strategic products and services (today Microsoft Azure, O365, SharePoint & Dynamics CRM and SAP Duet Enterprise & SAP Business Suite for Microsoft) with market communications strategies & alliance management solutions for lead generation, branding, visibility and launch on their way to 30 key markets in Central, South East & Eastern Europe.

His key to successful market communications and alliances:
35 years of IT experiences (Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, UNIX, Apple and Adobe) and his until today ongoing activities being a professional Principal Consultant for Multi-Channel Marketing & Cross-Media Advertising with MOYPPS.DE eCommunications DACH (NewMedia/eBusiness Communications).

His professional background:
25 years of experiences in corporate marketing & advertising communications, Multi-Channel Marketing & CrossMedia having been Director and Senior Consultant NewMedia/eBusiness with leading international advertising agencies and Training Director, Manager and Trainer/Coach with Microsoft & Apple Training Centres.

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